2. The beginning

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a mother. As my family will attest to, I was the best doll mommy around! I guess I’d always taken it for granted that one day I’d be a Mom.

Matt and I became a couple at the end of 2003. We spoke about children from early on in our relationship, but, as for most young couples, concentrated on completing our education, securing jobs, buying a house…

By 2009, I was becoming increasingly broody. We purchased our first home in April and were over the moon to be engaged in May. We did discuss whether we might start a family prior to this, but I was very much of the ‘love – marriage – baby carriage’  view and given we were now engaged, decided we would wait until after we were married in October of the following year.

Come July 2010 and my broodiness had reached an all-time peak. Our first niece was due to arrive in December, my friend was due to give birth to her first baby the same month and so we decided that we’d stop trying not to have a baby and just see what happened. I had a very (naive, I must say) romantic notion that we might conceive this first month and have had our first scan in time to announce our pregnancy to all our loved ones at our wedding reception. I remember walking around during that first month, thinking I might have a tiny new life inside me. That dream came and went and we continued ‘not trying not to’ get pregnant in the run up to our wedding. Our perfect day passed with no sign of a little baby and we decided to start trying ‘properly’ (predicting my most fertile days) after this.

Come December 2010 I was starting to feel a little despondent about the whole thing. The stats were telling me we had a 20% chance of conceiving each cycle and by this point (6 months in to trying) 70% of couples would have conceived. I decided to start monitoring my basal body temperature (BBT) and using ovulation tests, just to reassure myself everything was working as it should. All the signs suggested I was ovulating, so we kept going,… each cycle without success eroding my confidence just a little more.

We were just considering booking a GP appointment, when in April, I was late (our 10th cycle of trying). I’d never been late before (bar a few days during my finals at university) and my BBT had remained high. I don’t know how, but we waited until I was a whole week late before testing and found out that finally (finally!) I was pregnant.


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